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Morocco's biggest city Casablanca, with a population of ~4 million, holds the world's largest man-made port, however with no ferry service whatsoever. Like any other city in Europe, Casablanca does have street signs, and the locals are extremely helpful. French and Arabic are the more popular tongue spoken here, however you will find some Spanish and English. The Medina is a tad mazy, however it is so small that you're never more than a hop and skip away from an exit. The city is worth a visit to see the beautiful interior complete with water features and a roof that opens to the sky. The tile work is gorgeous as well. 

The King Hassan II Mosque, Blvd Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdallah is a young mosque worth a visit. It is the 3rd largest most in the world with the tallest minaret, and it one of two mosques in Morocco opened to non-Muslims. 

The Corniche which is located near the ocean, west of the Hassan II Mosque used to be a thriving resort location. Hotels lined one side of the Boulevard while nightclubs lined the other. Newer and fancier hotels sit along Boulevard de l'Ocean. Many western fast food chains and ocean-view cafes are also in the area.  Past the Corniche is the Shrine of Sidi Abderrahman, built on a rock off-shore. It is only accessible during low tides. Visitors are permitted to explore the small neighborhood that sprung up around it, but the Shrine is opened only to Muslims. 

The Mahkama du Pacha is a Hispanic-Moorish building with over 60 ornate rooms. Carved wooden decorate the ceilings along with intricate iron railings and tiled floors. It is free to enter however, you may want to find a guide to accompany you. Ask around, especially if you speak French.